General Hotel Terms and Conditions

General provisions


1.) Hotel Furmint *** (3950 Sárospatak, Eötvös utca 7.) – Hereinafter referred to as the hotel – enters into a contract for the provision of hotel accommodation services based on these general hotel terms and conditions.

2.) The general terms and conditions do not preclude the hotel from concluding a hotel contract with tour operators, organizers, legal entities and sole proprietors, based either on these general terms and conditions or with terms and conditions partially or completely different from these general terms and conditions.


Contracting parties

1.) The hotel service is always used by the guest.

2.) If the guest orders the hotel service directly at the hotel, the hotel contract is concluded between the guest and the hotel.

3.) If the hotel services are ordered by a third party (intermediary) on behalf of the guest, the contract is concluded between the hotel and the intermediary, and the conditions for the provision of hotel services are regulated by this contract. The hotel is not obliged to check whether the third party is legally representing the guest, therefore, the hotel is not responsible.

4.) The hotel only concludes a contract with a person with legal capacity.

5.) A person who is incapacitated or under the age of 18 may use the services of the hotel only if he or she is an able-bodied adult.


Conclusion of the contract

1.) Upon request by the guest orally or in writing, the hotel will send an offer. The hotel’s offer will be terminated if no statement of acceptance of the offer with the same content (order) is received within 48 hours from the sending of the offer.

2.) The contract is concluded with the guest’s written order and the hotel’s written confirmation. The contract will enter into force on the day the confirmation is sent.

3.) The contract is a written contract, the request for quotation, the offer, the order and the confirmation are part of the contract.

4.) Oral orders / reservations, modifications, agreements and verbal confirmations from the hotel are not of contract value.

5.) The accommodation service is for a specified period of time, the start and end dates of which are included in the contract.

6.) The hotel is entitled to stipulate conditions different from these general hotel contract terms in its offer.

7.) If the guest leaves the room permanently before the end of the period specified in the contract, the hotel is entitled to the full amount of the consideration specified in the service contract.

8.) The hotel is entitled to resell the room vacated before the expiration date.

9.) The extension of the accommodation service initiated by the guest orally or in writing requires the prior written consent of the hotel. In this case, the hotel may demand full payment for the services already provided, and may extend the extension to meet this condition.

10.) The contract may be amended or supplemented by the guest and the hotel together in writing.

11.) Hotel policies are part of the contract.


Withdrawal from the contract

1.) If the hotel has not specified any other conditions in its offer, the other contracting party may withdraw from the contract free of charge by giving a written statement by the 6th day prior to the date of arrival specified in the contract; In case of cancellation within this period, the hotel will be charged the penalty specified in the cancellation policy provided by the hotel.

2.) The amount of the penalty is the amount of the total amount of the service specified in the contract per day.

3.) If the contracting party has not provided the use of the accommodation service with an advance payment, credit card guarantee or in any other way stipulated in the contract, the service obligation of the hotel is valid until 4 pm on the day of arrival specified in the contract. After this date, the hotel’s service obligation will be terminated and you will be entitled to claim a penalty and compensation for any damage caused by the guest’s non-arrival.



1.) The current room rates of the hotel have been posted in the hotel room.

2.) Price lists for other hotel services are available in the respective departments.

3.) The hotel is free to change the advertised prices without prior notice.

4.) When announcing the prices, the hotel will indicate the amount of the tax content of the service, which is specified in the law and is valid at the time of the offer. The hotel will pass on the additional costs due to changes in tax legislation to the contractor with prior notice.

5.) The hotel publishes the current promotions and discounts on its website. The advertised discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

6.) Discount published after sending the hotel offer, special offer does not affect the sent offer.


Method of payment, booking guarantees

1.) The hotel requires the payment for the services provided to the contractor at the latest after the use, before leaving the hotel.

2.) The hotel to ensure payment for the contracted services

  • You can request a credit card guarantee, according to which the hotel will block the payment for the ordered and confirmed service on the credit card.
  • You can request an advance
  • You can request advance payment of the full amount of the service ordered and confirmed.

3.) The hotel will issue the invoice in HUF.

4.) The contractor may settle the account in cash, by bank transfer in advance or by the following bankcards:

MC, Maestro, Visa

5.) In case of transfer, unless otherwise agreed with the hotel, the contractor must transfer the value of the ordered services to the hotel’s bank account before the specified date of arrival by crediting the amount to the hotel’s bank account by the day of arrival or the counterparty / guest shall certify it with an irrevocable statement issued by the financial institution of the account holder certifying that the transfer has taken place.

6.) Other payment methods on site: Széchenyi Pihenőkártya, a voucher issued by the hotel and / or its contracted partner.

7.) The costs incurred in connection with the use of any method of payment shall be borne by the contracting party.

8.) The gift voucher can only be used within the period specified therein, depending on the hotel’s available room capacity. The hotel may extend the expiration date of the gift voucher at its sole discretion without giving any reason.


Use and conditions of the hotel room

1.) The guest can book the hotel room from 2 pm on the day of arrival.

2.) The guest is obliged to leave the hotel room by 11 am on the last day of the contract with his luggage and his belongings brought into the hotel.

3.) If the guest wishes to occupy or leave the room before and / or after the time specified above, the hotel may charge a fee.

4.) Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest is obliged to check in at the reception and fill in the registration form before occupying the hotel room. The hotel room cannot be booked without filling in the application form and the hotel services will not be available.

5.) In order to fulfill the hotel’s obligation to prevent damage, the guest may request proof of identity. If the guest does not provide credible proof of identity at the request of the hotel, the hotel may withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and claim damages.

6.) In case of non-EU citizen or stateless guest, the hotel is obliged to request the guest’s passport / statelessness document at check-in, to record the data in the guestbook, to make a copy of the travel document.



Dogs or cats can be accommodated in the hotel rooms for a surcharge of HUF 4,500 / pet / night.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel restaurant.


Security cameras

The guest expressly acknowledges that the hotel operates a closed-circuit camera system in the common areas (except the changing rooms, restrooms, but including the car park and the outside areas directly belonging to the hotel), the recordings of which are stored by the hotel in accordance with the relevant legislation, deleted or, in the event of an infringement, to the competent authority.


Refusal to perform the contract, termination of the service obligation

1.) The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the accommodation service with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the services if:

  1. the guest does not use the provided room or facility for the intended purpose,
  2. the guest does not comply with the security regulations and order of the hotel, behaves in an objectionable and rude manner with its employees, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shows threatening, abusive or other unacceptable behavior,
  3. the guest suffers from an infectious disease.
  4. the contractor fails to fulfill his contractual obligation to pay an advance by the specified date

2.) The contract between the parties shall be terminated if its performance becomes impossible due to force majeure.


Illness and death of the guest

1.) If the guest becomes ill during the period of using the accommodation service and is unable to act on his / her own behalf, the hotel will offer medical assistance. The guest uses the medical assistance offered at his own risk. The doctor is not an employee of the hotel, the hotel is not responsible for the diagnosis, the therapy used or the consequences.

2.) In case of illness / death of the guest, the hotel claims the reimbursement of the costs of the hotel from the relative / heir of the patient / deceased or the payer of the bill; the possible medical and procedural costs, the consideration for the services used before the death, and any damage to the equipment in connection with the illness / death.


Rights of the contracting party

1.) Pursuant to the contract, the guest is entitled to the proper use of the booked room and the facilities of the accommodation, which are included in the standard range of services or agreed upon by the parties in the contract and are not subject to special conditions.

2.) The guest may file a complaint regarding the performance of the services provided by the hotel during the stay. The hotel will investigate and deal with any written complaint submitted to you during this period.

3.) After leaving the hotel, the guest’s right to complain ceases.


Obligations of the contractor / guest

1.) The contractor is obliged to pay for the services ordered in the contract by the date and in the manner specified in the contract.

2.) The guest shall ensure that the person under the age of 18 under his / her responsibility and / or incapacitated person only stays in the hotel under the supervision of an adult.

3.) The guest undertakes that no person under the age of 18 under his / her responsibility / supervision will consume alcohol during the stay at the hotel.

4.) Guests are not allowed to bring their own food and drink into the hotel.

5.) Fireworks and other activities required by the guest require the prior written consent of the hotel and the presentation of the necessary official permits. Obtaining permits is the responsibility and cost of the guest.

6.) The guest uses and uses the equipment, facilities, services and events of the hotel as intended, taking into account his / her current physical, emotional and health condition.


Liability of the contractor / guest

1.) The guest is responsible for all damages and inconveniences caused to the hotel or a third party by the guest, his companion or a person under his supervision.

2.) This liability of the guest also applies if the injured party is entitled to claim compensation for the damage directly from the hotel.


Hotel lien

1.) The hotel is entitled to a lien on the things brought into the hotel by the guest up to the amount of the consideration for the services used by the guest but not paid for. During the enforcement of the lien, the hotel is entitled to seize the guest’s belongings and withhold them until the guest settles his / her debt. The costs related to the seizure, custody and handling of the thing are borne by the guest.

2.) The lien cannot be enforced on the guest’s identity document, bankcard, clothing corresponding to the order of the season.


Obligation of the hotel

1.) Based on the contract, the hotel is obliged to perform the ordered accommodation and other services in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards.

2.) The hotel is obliged to investigate the written complaint of the guest and to take the necessary steps and measures to remedy the complaint.

3.) The hotel will only inform the third party, including the guest’s close relatives, about the guest’s stay in the hotel without the guest’s prior written permission. This prohibition on information does not apply to inquiries under the law.


The hotel’s responsibility for damages

1.) The hotel is responsible for any damage caused to the guest’s belongings if the damage occurred in a place normally used by the guest or open to the guest.

2.) The hotel shall be released from liability if it proves that the damage was caused by an unforeseeable and unavoidable cause outside the staff and guests, or that the damage was caused by the guest himself.

3.) The hotel may designate places in the hotel or its territory that the guest cannot enter or stay in. The hotel is not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur in such areas.

4.) The guest is obliged to immediately inform the hotel about the damage he has suffered, the event that caused it, and at the same time to provide the hotel with all the information necessary to clarify the circumstances of the damage and any police proceedings. The hotel will not be liable for any damages resulting from late notification or failure to provide or provide the required information.

5.) The hotel is only liable for damage to valuables, cash or securities if it has been specifically taken over for safekeeping. In the case of a hotel, the use of a safe means a pick-up for storage.

6.) The hotel is liable for the damage caused by securities, valuables or cash even if the damage occurred for a reason for which the hotel is liable according to the general rules of compensation. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the guest.

7.) The hotel is not responsible for the hotel’s equipment, facilities, etc. for damage resulting from improper use.

8.) The hotel shall not be liable for any damage, inconvenience or injury caused to the guest and / or the supervised person by another guest of the hotel due to the use or enjoyment of the service due to the nature of the hotel.


Amount of compensation:

1.) The hotel is obliged to compensate the actual damage in case of damage to cash, securities or valuables. In the case of a security, the amount of actual damage is equal to the nominal value of the damaged security.

2.) For all other damage caused, the maximum compensation is fifty times the daily room rate. In case of damage to the data carrier, the hotel is obliged to reimburse the commercial price of the data carrier.

3.) The hotel is entitled to name in its offer the things that it does not allow to enter the hotel territory. The hotel will not be liable for any damages caused by the entry.


Settlement of disputes

The Contracting Parties shall settle their disputes primarily concerning the performance of the contract amicably. If the amicable settlement is unsuccessful, the contracting parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Sátoraljaújhely District Court, depending on the value of the lawsuit.